We are glad to inform that the following third-party plugins have been installed at UMMoodle in June:

  • TinyMCE: Word count is plugin prints a word count in the bottom right-hand corner of your TinyMCE HTML editor.
  • Atto: Word count is plugin let users can check the word count of Atto editor.
  • Media collection is an activity that enables users to create galleries (of image/audio/video). The galleries themselves have many display options the user can choose such as displaying in a grid or carousel, and defining the number of items to show per row/column and such. Teachers can create contributed gallery to let student share their media in the course.
  • Level Up! is a graceful and powerful plugin to engage students. It can gamify students’ learning experience by allowing them to level up in their courses. (Please refer to Moodle document for more details about this.)
  • Multi-Embed Filter automatically turns URLs from supported services into embedded content, without any user input. The embed video or image link will be converted and users can directly play the video / view the image in message content.
  • Team Builder is an advanced tool for building teams based off a set of criteria. You ask your students some questions, and then develop a predicate based off their answers for your teams. This is great if you want a little more control than “Assign Randomly” but less work than “Manual Allocation”.

Information and Communication Technology Office