Layout enhancement of Quiz activity on UMMoodle to have better experience on any devices
改善 UMMoodle 測驗卷活動的版面以在不同設備上提供更好的用戶體驗



      • 修正了在 Safari 瀏覽器顯示 “Check” 按鈕的問題。
      • 更改 “Check” 按鈕的名稱為 “Check Answer”,並更改其顏色為淺紅色。
      • 由於問題和答案的淺藍色背景令顯示不清晰,故更改文字的背景顏色為白色。
      • 更改 “Next page” 按鈕的顏色為綠色。

教學人員和助教可參考資訊及通訊科技部知識庫的文章了解如何在 UMMoodle 中建立測驗卷以及得到 UMMoodle 的相關幫助。想了解更多,請參考以下文章及鏈接:

為了讓用戶更了解 UMMoodle,資訊及通訊科技部舉辦了一系列工作坊,並在導師指導下進行練習。相關資訊可以在我們的公告欄找到。




To: All Users

Please be informed that ICTO has fixed the button display issue of Quiz activity in iOS devices and enhanced the Quiz activity’s layout in UMMoodle upon the suggestion from CTLE academic advisors. Now the buttons and text are more comfortable to users, and have better experience on any devices. Please find the changes of Quiz activity as below.

      • Fixed the problem of displaying “Check” button in Safari web browser.
      • Changed the name of “Check” button to “Check Answer” and changed its color to light red.
      • Changed the background of text to white since the light blue background around the questions and answers is problematic.
      • Change the color of “Next page” button to green.

Academic staff and teaching assistants can learn how to set up a quiz in UMMoodle or get help with UMMoodle from articles in ICTO’s Knowledge Base. For more information, please refer to the following articles and links:

In order to let our users be more familiar with UMMoodle, ICTO arranged a series of workshop which will be guided by tutors with hand-on practice. For detailed information, please refer to our E-Bulletin.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Information and Communication Technology Office